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What does $195 per year get you?

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20-Apr-2014 7:31pm
New York
I was thinking about this today. What can you get for a full year, for $195? Some things came to mind:

If you visit one of the boutique shops near me up in Rhinebeck, NY you can get a plain t-shirt for around $200 which will last for around a year if you don't wash it too much.

You can have an ice-cream cone once every six weeks for a year. Or a medium sized pizza maybe once a month.

You could buy enough tax folders for 75 of your clients. You could mail around 35 tax files, if they fit into a flat-rate priority envelope. could sign up at The Site Factory and get a really nice, simple, very (very) easy to launch website and business email address.

Really - for $195 you could have that.

Then, post the Facebook-enabled link I provide for your new website on your Facebook feed and have your friends do the same -- and enjoy all sorts of local discovery from people on mobile phones and other devices who are looking for you but don't know you exist. Of course, I also submit your new site to Google so you show up in local searches right away. And I make sure you are happy with your website and it looks awesome.

For $195 per year. Imagine that.
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