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Thomson Reuters (UltraTax) partial outage 4/15
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15-Apr-2019 1:08pm

No surprise, Thomson Reuters (UltraTax) is having an issue with their MFA, this is the first filing season where it has been required to use MFA to transmit efiles to the vendor. Thank goodness I knew enough to have a backup admin account without MFA enabled so I can still log in to my software and the UT support web site. I also made sure all my critical extensions (balance due) were made as early as possible today.

I wasn't going to say anything before, but this may go hand in hand with the major slow-down in transmitter/ack processing I've observed with UT for several days now. Usually, once you transmit an efile, it gets forwarded and acked within a few hours and never more than half a day. In past seasons, I've noticed UT bogs down from this level on the filing date, quite noticeably. This year, the bog-down seemed to begin about two days earlier than normal. I thought that was a bad sign.

I have been the sysadmin/DBA when major production systems start acting up at the worst possible time, so I know what they are going through. Good luck with your effort, Thomson Reuters admins! I for one am rooting for you!

Also, it is very good that they have a current status posted at their web site. This shows at least the minimum level of concern.

04/15/19 All Platform 18.3.3 Verified 04/15/19

Currently there is an issue with CS Connect and you will receive an error message when trying to use CS Connect. This issue is being investigated and will be addressed as soon as possible.

For additional information please visit the Online Product Status Page.

15-Apr-2019 2:00pm

Ultra tax has been great for me. No problems and I was done we I came in this AM and my last return filed was yesterday, because the client was at Augusta for the Masters. Extensions were done earlier and all approved by Saturday.

There a a couple of times that it was slower, but never a bother.

15-Apr-2019 2:59pm

The CS connect issue seems to be resolved at this time (can log in use MFA again), but the "status of efile transmission screen" is still showing an error -- but that's not necessarily a problem with efiling itself, just status update reports.

15-Apr-2019 3:06pm

I had been so impressed with TR's efiling so far this year. I noticed the slowdown the past few days, but I had expected that to happen. Good to hear that CS connect is back up and running.

The idea of having a backup login is amazing and I feel foolish for not having set one up yet.

15-Apr-2019 6:58pm

I noticed the slowdown with eFile acceptances middle part of last week. Generally a few hours, it became 12-30 hours. I cut off all tax return filings on Thursday and anything not filed at that point was extended, so I did not notice anything today.

16-Apr-2019 5:44am

Yesterday evening around 6pm e-filing and acks were extremely slow and at one point the system just stopped responding. Fortunately it cleared up late in the night. I got most of my acks from the day this morning. 8-)

16-Apr-2019 8:04am

I'm on UT also. I heard those reports but I was done by noon and had no problems in the morning. But as far as receiving acknowledgments slowly, this happens EVERY year the last 4-5 days before the deadline. And I don't think it is just a UT thing.

16-Apr-2019 9:34am

That is why I told my clients last week, via email any my Facebook page, that if I didn't receive their signature pages by Friday, they were going on extension. The one client that had been ignoring my requests for payment finally paid me yesterday. That was the only return I efiled after Friday.

I have one on extension and I expected that.
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