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Does anyone still use Blackberry phones?
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11-Jul-2019 9:24am

Just asking. For a friend.

11-Jul-2019 3:34pm

Probably still around 10 million users, down from a high of 80 million in 2012.

I never used a Blackberry, but I still use a Samsung cell phone I bought in 2011, which has a physical keyboard and does everything a smartphone does except run apps. It's very compact, about 2-in. wide by 4.5-in. long, and I take it with me almost every time I leave the house, it has held up very well and the battery only needs charging about once a week.

Blackberry phones were known for their high levels of security; I'm pretty sure my phone is hacker-proof as well.

11-Jul-2019 5:44pm

My sister lovers her Blackberry so much that she still has her Iphone in the original box! She is so used to the mini keyboard that she can't get used to touch screen typing. I think once we get 5G that will be the end of those Blackberry phones.

11-Jul-2019 10:56pm

My blackberry was the best phone for business I ever had. The speaker was excellent which I used frequently for conference calls. I could have texts read to me when driving and I could use voice notes to transmit a text. I switched to droids and now use an iphone but for business I miss the black berry.
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