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Have any old 1041 checks gotten cashed?
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2-Oct-2020 7:20pm

Just curious.....Several clients have 1041 checks caught up in the IRS's pile of unopened mail. I was wondering if anyone is aware of a check from March-July that has been cashed recently. It would be nice to know that the IRS is making progress on the pile.

2-Oct-2020 8:09pm

I just read that they are down to 5 million pieces of unopened mail.

3-Oct-2020 6:22am

I have two clients with paper checks mailed to IRS and still uncashed. I advised these people to pay ACH Debit but they chose otherwise. Every week I get a call from them that they are concerned now :roll:

23-Oct-2020 2:59pm

In today's issue of E News for Tax Professionals, the IRS says that they will resume issuing 500 series notices. They further state:

The mail backlog is now caught up enough to account for the timely mailed payments. In late October or early November some taxpayers will begin seeing the updated 500 series notices with current issuance and payment dates.

None of my clients have had their old checks cashed. Has anyone had an old 1041 check cashed recently? If so, which service center?

I have some clients that are very upset about this.

24-Oct-2020 5:49am

A client of mine had a 1041 irs check cashed about a month ago and it was sent around 6/30. It was MD trust.

24-Oct-2020 6:47am

Hang on to the timely proof of mailing receipts. I have one client still in limbo and I told him that is his ticket out of jail :twisted:

24-Oct-2020 8:33am

Thanks...this is helpful. My clients are calling me weekly about this. Many of the trust clients are older taxpayers who are used to a more efficient IRS. In spite of all of the info availabe online and on the IRS website, they have difficulty in believing it is taking the IRS more than five months to cash their check.

27-Oct-2020 9:40pm

I have a small trust I manage. I mailed a check on 07/15 that was cashed the first week of October.
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