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Quickbooks sign in process

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21-Apr-2014 12:31pm
When I go to sign into my clients QB data files on my computer, I am getting a sign in screen once I'm past the original sign in screen where they are wanting to have an Intuit account and it lists the clients e-mail address along with a block for a password. If I click out of it, it says I have seven days to go back and take care of this. Is there a workaround for it? So far I've been able to get through, but one client did actually reach the seven day thing and I needed her to be on her computer in order to get past it, in her case I was on her computer remotely. Seems like more arrogance from Intuit.

21-May-2018 7:50am
I've gotten around it each time and yes, it is very annoying. I think it counts seven consecutive days of logging in as Admin but it does not do it with all versions of QBD. I have been able to get around it for months with a client where I log in 2-3 times per month. Example, I see it on a client's QBD Premier, but not on my QBDA versions and I ALWAYS log in as admin that is not an Intuit account. I tell clients to create a separate account for them to use--Admin should be reserved for people that know precisely what they are doing with every action.

FYI, to unlock accountant tools in QBD, you will need an Intuit account associated with an accountant profile. I think they verify it by linking to a ProAdvisor account but not 100% certain.

1-Sep-2020 2:47pm
I have also had this wonderfully annoying new experience with QB.
Really feels like an overreach.
So far I have been able to hit OK, and then X out of the window.
Haven't run into any issues about the 7 days time frame... yet.

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