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Form 8879 signature through proseries
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25-Feb-2021 10:27pm

I use Proseries basic for tax return preparation. there is an option to send 8879 through embeded Docusign for $2.99 per envelop. The problem is, the software sends the full tax return including every calculation and document I filled in (not only the required documents for filing) and I honestly do not want send every document.

When I get a PY return they only include the necessary documents. This is what I want to do. Is there a minimum requirement of what it is considered a tax return copy?

26-Feb-2021 9:45am

You cant use the print selected forms option and just print the 8879 as a pdf and send that one form for signatures ? We are using Encyro and we just print the 8879 as a pdf and send. Right now they are offering free KBA signatures till end of March. I asked tech support how much they were going to charge and the answer was around .25 a signature. Thats a bargain.

26-Feb-2021 11:22am

How do you send them the copy of the return to review before they sign?

26-Feb-2021 12:31pm

sjrcpa wrote:How do you send them the copy of the return to review before they sign?

We send password protected pdf's of the Tax return (only the filing forms) for them to review. And the 8879's as a separate pfd for signatures via Encyro for signatures. Not sure what the OP does. Keep the signature part of things simple and separate. We all know clients can screw up anything. But in Proseries just print a pdf of the filing copy. That way all the "fluff" doesn't print out too. You can go into print options and add and subtract what you want printed. Easy option is to just print filing copy for clients copy. Maybe add a "tax history and two year comparison". And any other worksheet you deem fit. Once you get the print options set up they carry forward to next years program.
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