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Engagement letters
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28-Nov-2022 3:50pm

Just want to make sure. There shouldn't be a problem if a client scans and emails me a copy of their signed and dated engagement letter. Or do any of you insist on receiving the original signed and dated copy?

I know, dumb question, but I am curious. Thanks.

28-Nov-2022 3:56pm

Majority of mine are e-signed

28-Nov-2022 4:08pm

I would expect an e-signed EL would have the same effect as a signed and dated scanned copy? Perhaps not. The e-signed copy can be traced back to the sender.

Anyone see a problem with a scanned and emailed signed and dated engagement letter?

28-Nov-2022 4:24pm

I do not.
Even when I get signed paper ones I scan them and shred the paper.

28-Nov-2022 7:16pm

All of mine are electronically signed. There is an audit trail, which in theory helps.
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