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making fillable pdf tax organizers

PostPosted: 30-Mar-2019 10:25am
by lenraphael
neither UT nor GST provide fillable pdf tax organizers. they will justify if asked about how hard it is to do for so many variations of fields.

While I tell my clients not to fill in any data that's on preprinted pdfs which can be ocr'd into the tax return, there's still info like rentals, sched C and charitable that is more difficult to efficiently suck into the tax return software I use, GST.

It has a convoluted method creating templates for import of Excel data, that seems not worth the trouble.

But SurePrep which I use for ocr service claims to be able to ocr legible handwitten input to the organizer fields.

To improve the accurracy of that ocr and to make it easier for client to type instead of writing, I want to create fillable fields for the 20% of my ind clients who want to use tax orgs to input data.

Simply letting Acrobat X create fillable organizer results in way too many input fields.

Other than going field by field, is there a way in Adobe or a third party cloud app etc to deselect say the entier left side of each page from being fillable?

Re: making fillable pdf tax organizers

PostPosted: 30-Mar-2019 11:02am
by makbo
lenraphael wrote:neither UT nor GST provide fillable pdf tax organizers. they will justify if asked about how hard it is to do for so many variations of fields.

FWIW, UT does provide, for $1 to send and $3 to retrieve, a fillable online organizer. I use this for my Yes/No questionnaire, and most of my clients do fill it out online. I don't normally encourage them to fill out other organizer input screens, but some do so anyway. If they don't do it at all, I'm only out $1.

Re: making fillable pdf tax organizers

PostPosted: 30-Mar-2019 3:05pm
by lenraphael
Used ProFx web organizer with many of my tech saavy clients with more time than money for many years. Other than incompatible with Apple and Android devices, it was easy to use and stable. Problem was that preparer couldn't easily find out whether the client's input went. Many times a return would got out the door where client input a number to the wrong screen. It made clients spend their time inputting data for me. Occassionally they'd say they might as well use TTax.

When I switched to UT for 2016 I was assured the web organizer was compatible w Apple. What I wasn't told was that it was stable and often didn't save automatically before crashing. Also didn't tell me that it was limited to something like 4 W2's and certain other doc input couldn't expand.

What it did have was a nice way for me to review the input before exporting to UT.

After give refunds to two clients who had lost data that they had hours of work inputting, I stopped using it before phasing over to GST mid 2017. Used Gruntworx for many individuals on UT for 2017. Using them together was confusing to me and easy to result in overwritten return data.

I checked out the GST web organizer. Like so much of GST, poor look and feel, but highly functional and stable. Works on Apple.

Didn't bother trying it because there was no easy way to screen the data before exported to GST. Hard on the eyes of users also.

But by then I had one switched from Gwx to SurePrep. Both can be used on same return, but to confusing to coordinate.

For 2018 am using Sureprep scan/verify (human) for most individ and trust returns. So far very glad despite brutal training curve and cost.

But would like to provide a typeable version of gst tax organizer to clients to fill in the data not on ocr capable docs, such as Sched C, E, and charitable.