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26-Feb-2016 10:14pm
Oakland CA
Anyone come up with a replacement for the individual and trust tax software tax organizer when you only want clients to write or type in the items not on scanned or paper docs? Something that's basically a gloried checklist except for the few pages you need client to provide detailed input. (UT gave full control over contents of organizers. And generated them for almost any type of return. GST only generates for individs, and 0 control except for the cover letter.)

Might have been UTax that had a "lite" organizer version and maybe a checklist only one.

Sharefile provides a document request list feature, but you'd have to export the client's org to pdf, then convert to excel, then ... Or prepare one from scratch manually. Both losers.

Tax Caddy from SurePrep will create a document request list, but then you have to go whole hog Tax Caddy and convince your clients to do so.

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