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Client Workflow Tracker
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2-Jan-2021 10:41am

So after 20 years you would think I would have a better way to track client flow. I am asking how you track the tax returns to be done, in process and completed (but waiting client review before filing).

Right now I use a simple word document ( :roll: I know!!) on my desktop where I have a date and client name. Each day I add the current date & below that the client name coming in to drop off work. Then I work from top to bottom preparing the returns.

Smith -Drobox
Jones- Paper files

I was thinking a google doc template may be better. I use Proseries by the way and my goal here is make the tracking of all client work at tax time a lot easier to see in one simple glance. If it helps, I have 300 clients but my maximum waiting is usually 50 clients.

Thanks in advance!

2-Jan-2021 12:21pm

Similar, but use excel - much easier to analyze data / inputs

2-Jan-2021 2:08pm

Also currently use excel to track workflows.

At a prior firm we use CS GoFileRoom/FirmFlow. I really liked the reports and data segmentation possible with that platform.

2-Jan-2021 2:37pm

Thanks....Yep Excel was going tp be my go to this year if I didn't like what I found on google docs. It's something that does NOT need to be over-engineered. I was going to look at some apps for the Mac desktop but again I think it is more than needed.

6-Jan-2021 12:39pm

You can use "Client Status" within ProSeries to track your client workflow. Here is a youtube video that explains it.

8-Jan-2021 8:07pm

Excel. One sheet for all tax work in progress. Make columns for when data received and data requested and type of return. I colorcode green for data received (and also have a column for date received) and orange for data requested and the date requested ... but those are just details. No need for an expensive work flow tracking systems unless you run a firm with 20 employees.

14-Jan-2021 8:08am

I have just started using File In Time from Time Value Software. It looks and feels ancient but it works for me as a sole practitioner with no admin. Sales and after sales support has, so far, been very good. The clincher for me is that you can set different views for a more focused overview. At the moment, I have a Basic View and a Payroll View. I am sure i will develop more as time moves on.

2-Mar-2021 9:30pm

I started using TaxDome this year for that reason. It’s been a great help for me thus far. I am still learning the platform. Check it out when time permits

10-Mar-2021 9:03pm

cp_acwt wrote:You can use "Client Status" within ProSeries to track your client workflow. Here is a youtube video that explains it.

I have been using this method for years and it works like a champ. You can set the program to update the client status when you close and use that as a reminder

I use data received, data entered, data reviewed, and final return printed. Pro serieswill auto update when efiled and accepted by IRS.
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