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IRS TIN Verification servive

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19-Sep-2019 3:08pm
Baltimore, MD
I recently signed up to use the IRS TIN verification tool on the IRS website.
After many tries, I managed to complete the application and use it a few times. I've found the log in process very prone to errors. I'll go through the l process and right before it brings me to the application, it logs me out.
I've tried it using chrome and Internet explorer. I called the IRS Efile help desk and they said I need to use Internet explorer with all other browsers closed. Nevertheless, almost every time I login regardless of how I do it, the system logs me out.
Would anyone have any advice on how to remedy this?
The TIN verification tool would be very useful, if I could just manage to log on.


22-Apr-2014 5:22pm
Upstate, NY
Internet explorer? Omg, no longer supported for quite some time.....

I use it with Firefox and do not have the issues you are experiencing. Having said that, last time I used it was probably back in sept. So not sure if this is a recent issue for you on ongoing. Maybe virus software doing something weird?

Joan TB  
21-Apr-2014 9:08am
On the landing page for e-services at

E-Services is designed to be compatible with Internet Explorer 9.0 and higher only, other browsers are not currently supported.

I admit that I use either Edge or IE for e-services, and usually both work just fine. I do notice some small differences in how the e-services webpages work on the different browsers, though. However, whenever I am having trouble with e-services, I find that switching to IE usually fixes the problem.

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