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Drake Software, OK Non Resident Royalty Income

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21-Apr-2014 9:41am
Suburb of Chicago
I don't know if this is a software glitch or something in the design.

Client lives in Florida, but gets Royalty Income sourced to Oklahoma on 1099-MISC. Taxes are withheld. Client is retired, on limited income.

So I entered the 1099-MISC with the OK info. I calculated the return, all of the OK withholding to be refunded but I noticed on the result screen that OK Taxable Wages was the same as Federal (federal had 1099-R income). I checked out the OK return thoroughly and it was taking the whole amount from federal. Well it seems that even though the Royalty income went to Schedule E correctly, this amount didn't flow thru to OK. So I did sourcing for OK manually.

Just thought I would share this incase someone else runs into it. In my case, client was low income so their was no OK tax.

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