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Drake Software - GA Individual Return
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24-Apr-2021 11:12am

If you are using Drake software, have a 1040 with a GA return (GA Form 500), and an extension payment was made for GA, this extension payment currently does NOT show up on the carryforward schedule as state income taxes paid in 2021 that are potentially deductible on the 2021 Sch A, nor does it populate on the GA taxes paid during 2021 worksheet.

It took three interactions with Drake to get someone who admitted this is a programming error, and the individual elevated it up to the programming department. Supposedly we will get an update soon that will fix this. Until then I'm leaving carryforward notes in the client's file so it's not missed next year.

Just an FYI in case you use Drake and will or have dealt with this fact pattern.

24-Apr-2021 11:26am

Man, I'm moving this to Important Tips and Advice forum.
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