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EA Exam
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12-May-2022 9:22am

Does anyone have any Enrolled Agent studying material you recommend?

13-May-2022 4:09am

Gleim. If you get a passing score on their mock exams you will almost certainly pass the SEE. I did Gleim along with a live course with NCSEA and I am glad I did. The live class encouraged me to really put in the effort because, well, who wants to look daft in front of their peers? The Gleim system worked well for me. If you do it, I encourage you to embrace their whole process. If you do, I do not think you will need to avail yourself of their guarantee.

17-May-2022 4:13am

I used Fast Forward Academy. I passed every test on my first attempt.

20-Jun-2022 9:11am

I took the live course when I was studying for CPA exam.

The course doesn’t really matter, it’s more how disciplined you are. If you are super disciplined, check out whatever past ea tests/books your local library has. If you have adhd, take the live course. If you need all the help you can get, take both.

I was working full time and working 80+ hours when I was studying for the CPA exam. I was fried all the time, and would slide into the live course seat like a zombie, which then basically went over past exams verbally. I retained enough to pass, it’s like high school all over again.

20-Jun-2022 9:33am

Past papers are no longer available for the EA exam since they moved to testing at Prometric. However, a good testing company will have a handle on the sort of questions that are tested.
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