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List of publicly traded securities that issue a K1?
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20-Mar-2024 7:44pm

Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list that can help me easily find out if a taxpayer should be getting K1 forms from their investments?

I know about the Tax Package Support website, and use it regularly, but I don't think everything is listed there, is it?

I have a client who is notoriously bad about getting K1 forms to me. He likes to trade and doesn't pay attention to the type of entity he's buying. So it largely falls to me to see what he's owned and search out the K1 forms. His composite 1099 was 1600 pages one year, so checking every owned/traded item manually is quite a chore, and his Wage&Income transcripts don't provide a complete list of all tax forms because they're too long.

Any other tips for finding out which investments issue K1 forms?

21-Mar-2024 8:52am

An IRS business account will list K-1s on file for you, but it is too far behind to be of much use.

21-Mar-2024 10:38am

Does he trade individually or does he have an advisor?
If he has an advisor, I would insist on that professional providing the list.

21-Mar-2024 6:08pm

He directs most of his trading himself, but it's worth exploring whether the brokerage can provide assistance there.

Maybe I'll also direct this question to the some of the financial advisors I refer business to.

22-Mar-2024 10:27am

After a little more searching, I've found what looks like the most comprehensive and most up to date list available:

Of course it disclaims that it is not a comprehensive list, etc. Still, with an update at 02/07/2024, and both names and ticker symbols, it's a big step forward. It has probably twice the number of entities that the Tax Package Support site has.

8-May-2024 3:52am

This may be useful:

8-May-2024 5:00pm

wwwcpa1biz wrote:This may be useful:

Per the first post in this thread: "I know about the Tax Package Support website, and use it regularly, but I don't think everything is listed there, is it?"

24-Jun-2024 5:24am

Sorry just saw this. I don't know. A team member gave me the site recently. Good luck.

24-Jun-2024 11:56am

No problem! I always appreciate people who try to help others here. I still haven't found a better resource than that final link, and hopefully they'll continue to update it periodically.
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