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test - can't post new Taxation topic?
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14-May-2016 11:28am

Keep on getting a screen that says "It looks like nothing was found at this location, maybe try a search?" whenever I click Preview or Submit on a new post. This is in the Taxation forum. I'm posting this in Forum Usage as a test/bug report.

This is URL of the error screen:


14-May-2016 11:51am

What's interesting is that in the end the problem boiled down to using the word c-a-s-i-n-o[*]. When ever I left that word in my post, it errored out. When I replaced it with "gambling establishment", everything was fine.

[*] the same problem happens in this post, so obviously that six-letter word for a gambling establishment, that rhymes with "Reno", is hard-coded to trigger some kind of search error at this site.

[edit] the word does appear in other posts previously made to this forum, so maybe it's a recently-arisen problem?

14-May-2016 7:50pm

Thanks for pointing this out. I am going to have to speak with the hosting company, as this seems to be a "tweak" they've made recently to their Apache security settings. What is happening is that the submission (via "preview" or "submit") is failing due to a permissions error based on that word, and being redirected to a "page not found" handler.

I will chase this down.

15-May-2016 6:43am

this issue should now be resolved.

10-Sep-2021 8:42am

How do I file a new post? The FAQ was clear as mud.

11-Sep-2021 12:07pm

gatortaxguy wrote:How do I file a new post? The FAQ was clear as mud.

Open a discussion forum. Click on "New Topic" which is found on the left side near the top and near the bottom of the forum.

16-Sep-2021 1:38pm

Got it. Thanks.
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