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23-Apr-2014 2:03pm
I've always had some reservations about pointing people here and to the TA predecessor, largely because I don't want to dilute the high standards here (which I'll freely acknowledge are generally higher than my own abilities). On an individual basis, I'll tell people that they need to be prepared (and grateful for) terse answers such as "See 108(xx)" or "Rev. Proc. nnn", and conversely, be cautious in giving answers unless you're sure you can back it up.

But every so often, I'll see a thread that just cries out for a link here, typically in forums that are largely non-credentialed tax preparers (or maybe RTRP as the most common credential). These aren't amateurs, but many limit their authoritative sources to the IRS instructions, pubs, and either QuickFinder or The Tax Book.

Am I being overly protective of this forum?

20-Apr-2014 7:31pm
New York
Personally, I think if the goal of a site like this is to bring up the standards of the profession in general, then it would be prudent to point other people to this site. In fact I want to do both, point those in need of help here and other highly qualified contributors here, in the event they want to "give back" to the profession -- like a lot of the good folks here are doing.

I don't think we want this to be a closed/secret society ;-)
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