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12-Oct-2019 4:01pm

have to mail in a tax return that has an 8865 with it

i can't efile it bc lots of attachments.

nevertheless, one of hte 1099's with withholding has check marks on it.

i just whited out hte checkmarks a bit to make neater.

think there is any risk the irs would send back a 1099 like that?

(i'd send in the state copy of the 1099, but i think the irs could return the tax return to me for that)

12-Oct-2019 4:46pm

I do not think that will be a problem.

12-Oct-2019 5:33pm

(i'd send in the state copy of the 1099, but i think the irs could return the tax return to me for that)

Really? Is that true? I've attached W-2s for decades without paying attention to which one says "fed t/r copy"

12-Oct-2019 8:18pm

i thought i had an issue once with this many years ago; i dont' really mail in any returns except this one to the IRS, but i have an 8865 attached....late filing could be 10k...don't want to risk it
...seems petty of irs if they gave a hard time.

13-Oct-2019 11:09am

I am not sure if this is true, but years ago I was speaking with a person who said a friend of his had a job at the IRS, and part of his job was to separate all those W-2's from incoming tax returns and throw them in the trash. In the mid-80's before software I made an error and reported a tax withholding number greater than what was on the W-2. Almost a year after this taxpayer received a refund based on that error the IRS sent an letter correcting that withholding amount. So obviously no one was matching the W-2 numbers to the return numbers.

13-Oct-2019 11:17am

interesting...makes sense in this day and age....seems irs could say if you are mailing in return no need to attach w2 or 1099

13-Oct-2019 11:19am

Jake, I think that story is anectdotal. That's why letters get sent out requesting them if the W-2's aren't attached to mailed in returns. As for whether or not IRS looks for which copy they are getting, I don't think that matters. When I need to send one in I usually check to see which is which, but I know I've just cut off the most convenient one to send and never had an issue with it. When they needed to be red, if you didn't send that one to IRS you would get a letter about it because the red form had some special scanning quality they were all excitd about.

13-Oct-2019 11:29am

so i have a federal copy marked up with checkmarks that i whited out the best i could and a state copy not marked up; what's best to send...or just don't worry about it.

13-Oct-2019 11:41am

Don't worry about it.

13-Oct-2019 12:36pm

If you are worried about and have whited out the check marks, then make a photo copy of it and send that one. Overall, I think you are worried about nothing. They won't care about check marks eiher.

15-Oct-2019 7:54pm

sjrcpa wrote:I do not think that will be a problem.

Title of the thread: "think a problem?"

You disagree with the entire premise? :twisted:

It's almost always easier not to think a problem, than to think a problem.
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