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K-1 Guaranteed Payments and non-resident states

Technical topics regarding tax preparation.
22-Apr-2014 9:07am
Chicago, IL
This may be a very simple question but I'm just not finding anything at the moment. A partner in a law firm got a draft K-1 for 2021 showing only guaranteed payments. He does not share in the activity of the partnership, he only receives GP. New this year is a statement attached detailing percentages to be allocated to various state, including CA & NY among others.

If this partner works in the Illinois office and never went to any other state, would the GP need to be allocated to these non-resident states? I'm sure when we get the finalized K-1 in a couple of months it will include the other states' K-1's which may or may not show an allocation for the GP. But right now we are worried about possible extensions and payments and honestly can't even determine if there would even be filing requirements in those states.

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