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E-Services recertification

Technical topics regarding tax preparation.
21-Apr-2014 6:09am
Due to not using e-services for a couple years, I now have to go through the recertification process. Along with that, due to not having a phone number that is acceptable to get an "activation code" I use IRS2GO as another option to receive the code which works fine.

I completed the 1st half of the process by submitting the financial info, etc. and requested the code to be sent by mail which I received. I then logged in again and continued the process by entering the activation code to continue which worked fine UNTIL I got to the last page of the process. All through the process, I printed the each page after filling it out and the application stated at the top that the "Application Status" was "Completed".

It then noted on the last page:
Application Submission

You have completed the application process and all required information has been entered. You are now able to submit this application for review and approval by the IRS.

This firm and employees will comply with all of the provisions of the Revenue Procedure for Electronic Filing of Individual Income Tax Returns and Business Tax Returns, and related publications, for each year of our participation. Acceptance for participation is not transferable. I understand that if this firm is sold or its organizational structure changes, a new application must be filed. I further understand that noncompliance will result in the firms and/or the individuals listed on this application, being suspended from participation in the IRS e-rne program. I am authorized to make and sign this statement on behalf of the firm.

Please enter your PIN to accept the terms for this application. Your PIN is your electronic signature that you selected when you registered.

PIN _______
_______ I accept the Terms of the Agreement

<Previous Cancel
This last page is the problem. It won't allow me to enter a PIN# nor check the box for "I accept....." I can't enter to go to the next page. The only thing I can do is go the "previous" which goes back to the previous page. I can't enter anything for any PIN nor check off the acceptance terms. I just wondered if the application will go through. I process over by entering the activation code again, but the same happened at the end. I was going to call for assistance, but I figured I first would check with anyone here that encountered the same thing. THanks for any thoughts.

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