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PSA - SE Tax Deferral

Technical topics regarding tax preparation.
4-Mar-2018 9:03pm
The Office
Just a PSA. One of my clients claimed the SE tax deferral on his 2020 return. 1/2 of the deferred SE tax was timely paid by Dec 31, 2021. The other half will be paid this December. Client paper filed his 2020 return, and it appears to have just been recently processed.

IRS sent a CP14 notice assessing the 1/2 of SE tax that has not been paid yet, with interest. The deferral was properly presented on the filed return.

I have no idea if this is a systemic issue with all SE tax deferrals, or if the agent just keyed in the return improperly. Either way, I figured I would put it on your radar. I'm going to get a POA and call the PPL during the week to explain the situation and make this go away.

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