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26-Jan-2016 2:50pm

I have a taxpayer who is from France. He has received his social security card and will be starting a business in America. He currently receives his health care from his native country France. Is there an exemption for this under the ACA?

26-Jan-2016 3:07pm

Is he a US resident?

26-Jan-2016 3:16pm


26-Jan-2016 3:56pm

You would have to find out if his French coverage meets minimum essential coverage in the US.

A quick glance at the French website for the health insurance for expats, does not look like it would meet MEC standards, they would need to purchase a supplemental insurance plan called wellaway. Look at the Sept 15 notice here:

2-Feb-2016 10:54am

I have found out now that he has dual citizenship.
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