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Looking for software to create forms template.........

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21-Apr-2014 2:33pm
Periodically-----not often, but enough to warrant getting software if available............we have occasion to receive forms that need to be completed...........on the form provided.

Sometimes, that form might need to be replicated several times.

Years ago, we had a form maker that we could scan the form into the computer, and then create template by highlighting the blanks that were to be filled in. Therefore, we could print only that data into the forms provided.

Kinda like used to happen with typewriters in the prehistoric days.

We have not had the need for several years--------and I suspect for even longer, since I think it was last done on dot-matrix printers.........but the situation has again raised its head.

So..........we need a software that will print established data into a specified area in a pre-printed form.


22-Apr-2014 3:06pm
WA State
Adobe Professional does this. I haven't done it for years, but it's well within the functionality of the program. The quality of the scan will heavily influence the "automation" of the software detecting fields, etc. You also have the ability to control the order of where the 'Tab' key will flow. Definitely something that is user friendly when set up properly. Drop down boxes, formatting, etc. all available options.

21-Apr-2014 8:25am
Adobe is now a subscription product they don’t sell the software. The product subscription you want is Adobe DC.

Joan TB  
21-Apr-2014 9:08am

You can buy a perpetual license on the adobe website at the above link. Here is what Adobe says about it (Dec 2020)
You are still able to buy a perpetual license to Acrobat 2020. Go to ... f_252Fwe... and then click on the either the box that reads Acrobat Pro 2020 or the box that reads Acrobat Standard 2020 (Windows only for Standard). That will take you to the appropriate screen for purchasing a license.

To be very clear, you purchase a license to use the software; you are not purchasing ownership of the software.

Please understand that the “perpetual licenses” allow you to use the software on the computer platform (including operating system version and hardware) that was available at the time you purchase the perpetual license. Such software does not provide free upgrades to accommodate issues that occur due to Microsoft or Apple making incompatible changes to the operating system or adding options for incompatible hardware after the application version is no longer current.

There is nothing “evil” or “disgusting” about a subscription model. There are some major advantages to this for our many of our customers including the fact that the software continues to be updated to acccommodate new operating system versions (especially under MacOS), new hardware (like those very high resolution and large monitors), interoperability with other software (such as Microsoft Office). The software is also supported as long as you have a current subscription with new features and fixes.

You do have a choice of the perpetual license (Acrobat 2020) or a subscription (Acrobat Pro DC or Acrobat Standard DC). However, if you choose the perpetual license, don't expect the benefits of the subscription.

- Dov Isaacs, Principal Scientist, Adobe


22-May-2014 1:59pm

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