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Bookkeeping fees for CPA

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21-Apr-2014 4:01pm
I am a sole practitioner CPA who handles mostly tax returns and outsourced CFO services (complete accounting from payroll, bookkeeping, financial projections, etc...). For these clients I have always packaged the service as a monthly fixed fee.

I'm talking to a new client that needs only bookkeeping services and not sure what to charge. Since it's just me, my time is valuable as a CPA, but I know uncredentialed bookkeepers only charge $20-$50/hr. I'm thinking $75/hr but would love to get to $100 but I think that's too high. What do others charge?

21-May-2018 7:50am
Hilton Head Island, SC
I do $100/hr, because it nearly always leads to more work than simple bookkeepers charging $20-50/hr are capable of doing. I understand GAAP, I know tax law, I understand business, and it benefits them in the end by paying more to me.

Even when I hire staff or someone to assist with it, still bills out at $75-100/hr.

Ultimately, in the end I still focus on fees that are not derived by hourly rates. Most of the time, it works in my favor, though anticipated time involved and my fees do play a factor in determining the fees.

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