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1040NR Joint Rental

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17-Jul-2014 10:52am
Prior accountant reported 2017 rental losses on sale of a jointly owned rental 100% on the NR alien husbands 1040NR. Husband has a 2017 $125k NOL. 2018 wife has $30k 1099R income from liquidating an IRA, no NOL to offset. Any way to share the NOL?
2014 was a joint 1040. Taxpayer left the US in 2015 and the 2015-2016 returns were also filed for husband only, 1040NR. No return filed for wife in 2015-2017.
Looks like they should have split the rental income and the losses for 2015-2017 and both filed 1040NR returns.
Other than amending 2015-2017 and filing 6 returns (not worth it), any way for wife to claim her share of the NOL in 2018?

12-Jun-2014 6:13pm
North Carolina
One of my favorite CPE instructors sometimes says, "this is America you can do anything you want to (as long as you don't mind paying the penalties and interest later if you are wrong)" other words, my take on it is amended returns are needed.
Because on T.A. ten was the most you were allowed

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