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29-Sep-2014 10:35am
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
One of my clients received an annual subscription invoice for Quick Books Online that was double what they paid last year.

I called them twice and got nowhere, so I called the CEO. I received a call back within 2 hours and they confirmed that email notice of these new fees had been distributed in the prior month. Neither I nor my client received anything from them!

They then began to attempt to justify this massive increase as if it were merely corporate protocol.

I explained to them that had I attempted to increase my client’s fees by 100%, I wouldn't have any shortly thereafter.
There are many alternatives to their products and I intend to research same.

I hope you are all as appalled as I am and pass this along. The more they hear about it the more they may become contrite?

Thanks for listening.

21-May-2018 7:50am
Hilton Head Island, SC
Within the past 4-6 weeks, Intuit did announce a shift in billing practices for QBO based on usage. You cannot just select a plan and stay on it for perpetuity. They'll automatically change the plan if you exceed usage thresholds.

Intuit's greed has become astounding, yet QBO remains a terrible product.

31-May-2014 8:34pm
Unfortunately Quickbooks has cornered the "self accounting" market with low prices all these years that now they can put the "screws" on its users and many will probably pay the higher charges instead of facing a steep learning curve if they switch accounting software. Classic move :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

24-Apr-2014 7:54am
This is becoming a standard with a lot of companies, not just software. Offer something at one price, get a lot of market share, and then jack up the price. It's a pain to switch to a competitor, so people might grumble but they won't cancel. That seems to be the Uber/Lyft business model as well.

Same thing happens with my tax software. My provider increases fees about 6% every year even though general inflation is running 2-3%. But do I change? No.

Think of some of our pricing discussions here. How often do we say "double your fees and half your clients will leave. Same earnings and a lot less work". If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

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