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CA FTB EastBay disaster filing relief

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26-Feb-2016 10:14pm
Oakland CA
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FTB announces penalty relief for 2019 public safety power shutoffs (10-11-19)
Taxpayers impacted by the October 2019 public safety power shutoffs may be eligible for penalty relief when the penalties are the result of filing their tax return after the October 15, 2019, extended-filing deadline due to the power shutoffs.
If a taxpayer in the impacted counties is assessed a late-filing penalty, they may request penalty abatement upon a showing of reasonable cause. For more information and to request penalty abatement go to: ... able-cause
We have not heard anything definitive from the IRS, but we assume they will also provide a reasonable cause abatement for affected taxpayers. We will keep you posted on this issue.

24-Apr-2014 6:48pm
Thanks Len, I saw that and am hoping the IRS follows. Luckily our power at the office was not shut off. Nevertheless, I have been pondering a plan for next year in case it is a problem. Unbelievable!

9-Jan-2018 9:28pm
Today, the California Society of Enrolled Agents sent an email to its members saying that Derek Ganter, the Area 5 Manager for IRS Stakeholder Liaison, issued the following statement:

The IRS has been monitoring the power outages of Pacific Gas & Electric and any impact on taxpayers' ability to timely file returns by the October 15 deadline. The IRS encourages these taxpayers with an October 15 deadline to file on time, if possible. Taxpayers who cannot file on time are encouraged to file for an extension, if they are eligible (e.g. fiscal year business filers).

Taxpayers affected by the power outage who are not eligible to file an extension, such as taxpayers who were previously granted an extended due date to October 15, 2019, should make every attempt to file as soon as possible. If the taxpayer is assessed a delinquency penalty due to this issue, they may respond to the notice of penalty by requesting relief for reasonable cause. Reasonable cause is granted on a case-by-case basis.

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