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Canopy Tax going down the tubes

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22-Apr-2014 6:04pm
San Mateo County, CA
Over the past 3 and a half years, I spoke with Canopy repeatedly, but I never found anything they did was better than my own work. reported that they have laid off more than half their workforce over the past several months and the CEO has resigned.

Today, it appears they are on the verge of complete collapse.
Steve Kassel, EA

23-Apr-2014 3:44pm
In The Counting House
Isn't this the firm that bought that automated transcript download software a few years ago from the guy who developed it (can't remember his name)? I had the impression that recent IRS changes have put up big barriers to automated batch download of transcripts.

6-May-2015 6:23am
I use THS to batch download. I find it very helpful. It is almost completely lacking in eyeball appeal, but it does what I need it to do.

Some of the security changes at IRS e-Services have caused problems for automated downloading, but they (THS) usually get it worked out in a day or two. They aren't the target of the security changes at IRS, but they are collateral damage from time to time.

I tried Canopy for practice management and secure document sharing with clients. The CRM was fine, but not anything I couldn't get for free from Hubspot or Insightly. And I actually had issues with email integration that Canopy's tech support told me for months they would "look into", but never resolved.

My clients seemed to like the client portal, but Canopy wanted more money to white-brand it, which I found annoying. In fact, everything seemed like a sales call with them. The clumsiness of working with client files on my end was the last straw and I stopped using them 4 months after paying for a year's worth of service. Lesson learned for me.

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